Am I a Candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Am I a Candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If you went through your day keeping track of how many times you laughed, what number do you think you’d end up with? If you’re like the average American, it would be around eight. Despite all the chuckling, a 2019 study found that 57% of Americans cover their mouths when they smile because they’re self-conscious about their teeth. The same study found that about half of people will try their best not to show their teeth when they smile. Other research backs this up; a 2015 study states that 81 percent of people believe their teeth don’t look attractive in photographs.

All of this insecurity around smiling points to people who probably want to change a couple of things about their teeth. But if you have multiple dental changes on your checklist, figuring out where to start can be hard. What should come first when you’re trying to transform your smile? With a full mouth reconstruction, you can cut out the checklist and combine your treatments to redesign your smile from the ground up. 

Are you looking to transform your smile without all the waiting and anxiety of multiple treatments? If so, come see the team at Mark Kramer, DDS in Tustin, California. Dr. Kramer is ​​a renowned implantologist and fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology who was inspired to help people with reconstructive dentistry at a young age. In this blog, Dr. Kramer discusses reconstructive dentistry, what it can fix, and who makes a good candidate for treatment.  

What is a full mouth reconstruction? 

A full mouth reconstruction refers to the use of reconstructive or rehabilitative dentistry to fix one or more dental issues. The biggest thing that most separates a full mouth reconstruction from other dental work is the amount of planning and thought that goes into the transformation. A good reconstruction will include dental issues that are treated comprehensively with a vision of a final result that improves function, health, and aesthetics

What’s included in reconstruction? 

Before your reconstruction starts, Dr. Kramer will perform a thorough, extensive evaluation to identify any oral health concerns. He’ll then devise a custom, step-by-step plan to address those concerns. This treatment plan can include any of the following, depending on your unique circumstances:

Any of these treatments may be used together, and will often combine increased functionality with improved aesthetics. 

The health benefits of reconstruction

Dr. Kramer has seen the benefits of reconstruction many times and makes improved quality of life his main goal. Beyond the confidence of a new smile, a full mouth reconstruction brings health benefits. A full set of teeth is easier to clean and may help you maintain better oral health to prevent future issues. From a structural standpoint, your teeth stay properly aligned when they have the right amount of support. Additionally, you may find speaking and chewing are easier with a full set of teeth.

Who makes a good candidate? 

You may be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction if you’re currently dealing with any of the following:

Often, Dr. Kramer will be able to fix multiple issues during one appointment, helping you get the smile you want in fewer treatments. 
To learn more about full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment online or over the phone with Mark Kramer, DDS today.

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