TeethXpress® Dental Implants: Am I a Candidate?

TeethXpress® Dental Implants: Am I a Candidate?

The physical effects of tooth loss are well-known and can often be visible. Face drooping, problems with speech, and difficulty eating are often seen in people who have lost multiple teeth, a full arch of teeth, or all of their teeth. Less visible is the emotional impact of tooth loss, including low self-esteem and a decline in social activities due to embarrassment. 

For a long time, those who wanted to regain their self-esteem by filling the gaps left by missing teeth had to choose between speed and convenience. While dentures can replace multiple teeth in one fell swoop, they need to be taken out nightly for cleaning and may somewhat limit your diet. Implants, although sturdy and permanent, take multiple appointments to place, often on a tooth-by-tooth basis. Now, with TeethXpress®, you can get implant-level quality in as little as one appointment. 

Are you interested in a fast, implant-based solution to tooth loss? If so, come see the team at Mark Kramer, DDS in Tustin, California. Dr. Kramer and his team are proud of their patient-centric focus and the exceptional results their patients see. In this blog, Dr. Kramer gives an overview of TeethXpress and if you may make a good candidate. 

What is TeethXpress?

TeethXpress combines the advantages of dentures and implants, with a full-time denture supported by dental implant posts. The TeethXpress system uses proprietary technology, including implant posts made for immediate load-bearing ability and flexible abutments built for different areas of the gum. When the TeethXpress procedure is handled correctly, patients can go in for a morning appointment and walk out in the afternoon with a new set of teeth. 

The TeethXpress process

If you want to replace an arch of teeth that is already missing, Dr. Kramer will probably be able to take an impression of your mouth during your initial appointment. The impression will then be sent to an advanced dental laboratory that will create a new set of teeth, custom-made to fit your smile. If you still have teeth that need to be removed, Dr. Kramer will remove your remaining teeth, place the implants and then give you a temporary set of dentures that will last until your custom denture can be made. The best part about TeethXpress is that once your permanent denture is installed, you can care for it just like real teeth. 

Who makes a good candidate? 

The key to candidacy is jawbone health. Implants get their stability from bonding with your jawbone, forming a strong structure on which the denture can attach. Some conditions that can hurt jawbone health or prevent you from having enough healthy bone for implantation include gum disease, bruxism, bone cancer, thyroid problems, or blood diseases. People undergoing chemotherapy may also not be good candidates. Finally, smokers and people with diabetes and/or leukemia have a higher chance of infection or other post-placement issues. 

To learn more about TeethXpress and if it is the smile solution for you, book an appointment online or over the phone with Mark Kramer, DDS today.

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