Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Confident, sincere, friendly, laidback. Whether fair or not, people make real-world judgements about you based on if you’re smiling. In a study that asked strangers to look at women’s college yearbook photos, the women who were smiling were judged to be more positive and competent. Smiling also affects the smiler – you can improve your mood just by smiling. 

Despite this, it can be hard to smile when you don’t feel confident about your teeth. For people with multiple dental issues or damaged teeth, a smile can feel like an unrealistic dream. Couldn’t it take years to fix certain issues one by one? With a full mouth reconstruction, you may feel like smiling after just a few appointments. 

Are you looking to fix multiple oral health issues with one streamlined treatment plan? If so, then come see the team at Mark Kramer, DDS in Tustin, California. Dr. Kramer and his team pride themselves on their patient-centric focus and the exceptional results their patients see. In this blog, Dr. Kramer discusses the basics of a full mouth reconstruction, what a reconstruction entails, and how it may benefit you. 

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

In general, a full mouth reconstruction refers to the rebuilding or replacing of a patient’s teeth. These procedures combine restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in a complete functional and aesthetic overhaul of a person’s smile. The concept of a full mouth reconstruction relies on combining treatments – it produces a treatment plan that demands fewer appointments and procedures than would be necessary to fix each issue independently. 

What can a full mouth reconstruction fix? 

Each full mouth reconstruction depends on the needs and desires of the patient. Dr. Kramer has had great success correcting the following issues

A full mouth reconstruction may also help people who suffer from certain medical conditions. 

What’s included? 

Each full mouth reconstruction is customized to the patient. You can expect any of the following to be included:

The treatments that are a part of your reconstruction largely determine the number of appointments you will need and the timeline you should expect. Although many dental treatments can be combined, some require time for healing before next steps can occur. 


Beyond the aesthetic benefits of having an improved smile, a reconstruction can bring many oral health benefits. Filling in gaps left by missing teeth provides structure for other teeth and can add jaw stability if implants are used. Additionally, this makes it easier to maintain good oral care habits to help prevent plaque buildup and the problems plaque can lead to. A full mouth supports your cheeks and can help avoid face drooping. You may also have an easier time speaking and chewing. 

To learn more about full mouth reconstruction and if it’s right for you, book an appointment online or over the phone with Mark Kramer, DDS today.

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