Why Dental Implants Have Such a High Satisfaction Rate

The use of dental implants is a popular choice for many reasons. In addition to the obvious advantage of replacing missing teeth, implants offer many other benefits that affect your overall well-being. 

If you’re considering a smile upgrade, make an appointment with the best in smile restoration. As an expert in dental implants, Dr. Mark Kramer in Tustin, California, repairs and reconstructs teeth with permanent replacement solutions.

Dental implants have an incredibly high satisfaction rate because of their durability and comfort. Those are only a couple of reasons, though.

The advantages of dental implants

When imagining smile restoration, you might immediately think, “Dental implants replace a tooth.” While this is a benefit, the advantages of dental implants don't end there. 

Prevent tooth displacement

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, a chain reaction begins that affects the entire mouth. The teeth next to the missing tooth tilt and shift into the empty space. The teeth above or below no longer have a tooth to meet when you close your mouth. The other teeth begin to drift. These small changes accumulate over time, leading to more extensive changes in the mouth.

Stabilize your jaw 

If pressure from your jaw is distributed evenly over all of your teeth, you’ll avoid putting continuous pressure on only a few teeth. If one or two teeth are always bearing the brunt of chewing or teeth grinding, you may end up with pain and damage.

Look more youthful

Placing the dental implant in the bone preserves the jawbone at the site. The loss of bone from your face and mouth contributes to an aged appearance as it makes cheeks look sunken and changes the shape of your lips. By reducing bone loss in the mouth, dental implants help you look more youthful.

Eat and speak better 

Dentures help restore many teeth quickly, but they tend to slide and move when you chew. Implants work just like your own teeth and allow you to eat all kinds of foods confidently and without pain. Plus, dentures that don't fit properly can cause you to misspeak or stumble over words. But implants are placed in a natural and stable position so that you can speak confidently.

Maintain oral health

Because implants don't require Dr. Kramer to modify nearby teeth, more natural teeth remain intact and improve your long-term oral health. Additionally, dental implants improve oral hygiene, making spaces between your teeth more easily accessible for flossing and optimal oral hygiene.

Improved self-esteem

Have you ever deleted a photo off the internet because you felt ashamed of your smile? Dr. Kramer restores missing teeth using implants to bring your smile back and improve your self-esteem. Whether you want a full Hollywood smile or a simple restoration of a missing tooth, implants have a massive impact on how you feel about yourself.

Invest intelligently

Implants are made of durable materials that last a lifetime if given the proper care. It’s a long-term investment in your health and well-being. Implants are also an excellent investment in your financial future, helping you avoid costly treatments down the road. Take advantage of our incredible value pricing perk. Have you seen a better price for a dental implant? Bring any written quote or ad for the same treatment from within the last six months, and we will beat it!

Avoid jawbone atrophy

Your body breaks down tissue that’s not being used, which is why your jaw requires stimulation to keep it from breaking down (atrophying.) An implant protects your own teeth and ensures that the jawbone does not degrade after tooth loss.

Implantation after tooth loss: the earlier, the better

If you decide on an implant to replace missing teeth, it’s important to start treatment soon. When you lose a tooth and don’t quickly replace it with a dental implant, a long-term process begins, prompting jawbone deterioration. It’s beneficial to plan a replacement sooner rather than later. 

Dr. Kramer offers a lifetime guarantee on restorations and implants because we believe in the value of a smile and keeping services affordable for all. Call us today at 714-500-7194 to schedule a consultation, or use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

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