Why We Prefer Dental Implants Over Dentures

For patients dealing with missing teeth or dentures that frequently slip around in the mouth, dental implants are an excellent option. Besides helping you to eat and speak better, implants provide benefits like a brilliant smile with perfectly straight rows of white teeth.

We want nothing to stand in the way of your oral health. That’s why Dr. Mark Kramer, a dental implant expert in Tustin, California, helps patients decide if implants are the right path for them. As the gold standard in tooth replacement, dental implants create a perfect smile and optimal dental health. They provide resilience and stability that dentures don’t.

Our office offers sedation, reconstructive, and implant dentistry using state-of-the-art equipment. Our highly skilled team creates a pain-free environment with a 99% success rate in our implant procedures, with a lifetime guarantee of effectiveness.

We prefer dental implants over dentures for many reasons. Here are several.

Why implants are the better option

Artificial tooth roots, made from biologically compatible titanium, are anchored into your jawbone. Once your jawbone fuses with the titanium root, we attach an artificial tooth or bridge. The newly implanted teeth look and feel just like real teeth, which is one of the primary benefits of implants. Here are some other advantages to ditching dentures and selecting dental implants instead.

No special treatment required

When we say that implants look and feel like your real teeth, that also means you care for them the same way: simply floss and brush daily. However, denture wearers aren’t so fortunate. There are many steps in taking proper care of dentures.

To maintain the durability of dentures, you must:

Implants are fixed permanently in your mouth, so you never need to use special soaking solutions or carefully handle a prosthesis.

Keep your jawbone healthy

Your jawbone requires consistent stimulation to avoid deterioration. The titanium rods fuse with your jawbone, providing the necessary stimulus to keep your jaw healthy.

Plus, by having straight, even rows of teeth, you avoid putting too much pressure on any particular part of your mouth. By dispersing pressure, you prevent injury or erosion of teeth and gums.

Easier adjustment period

While the implantation process takes place over a few months, dentures can replace missing teeth faster. However, dentures are actually harder to adjust to. Some people experience nausea and an increase in saliva production. Dentures can irritate your mouth and create sores. There’s also an adjustment period for speaking and chewing. 

Dentures can slip around in your mouth, especially when you say certain words. You can practice speaking and chewing with dentures or consider a dental implant treatment and never again worry about dentures flying out of your mouth as you cough or sneeze.

Make the right call

Dental implants are about more than a smile upgrade. In fact, implants improve your overall health and increase your quality of life. 

Call Dr. Kramer at 714-500-7194 today for a consultation. We offer a lifetime guarantee on implants and restorations because we know that choosing the right dental care is vital. You can also use our convenient online scheduling tool to make an appointment.

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