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General Dental Care Services

A woman receiving dental treatment from a dentist their assistant.

The foundation to a beautiful smile is one that is healthy and free of disease. While we do not offer traditional dental treatments at our Newport Beach, CA cosmetic dental office – we do start out every new patient consultation with a comprehensive exam and treatments that benefit the appearance of your smile.

Comprehensive Exams

Our complimentary examinations allow Dr. Kramer to thoroughly analyze your dental needs and discuss concerns with you. Your customized treatment plan will be designed with your wishes and unique features in mind, to ensure an enhancement that compliments you and your smile. At our Newport Beach office, our priority is always you, our patient!

Dental Extractions

This dentist is extracting a damaged tooth from a patient's mouth. If diseased or broken teeth are interfering with your smile, you may need to have them extracted before other treatments like dental implants or porcelain bridges can be performed. When a tooth is unhealthy and can no longer be saved, prompt treatment is needed to ensure that your oral health isn’t negatively affected. If you’re suffering from chronic dental pain, advanced gum disease, severe tooth decay, or you’re simply having dentures made, Dr. Kramer may recommend a dental extraction as part of your treatment.


Wisdom Teeth Therapy

For many teens and young adults, removing wisdom teeth is necessary for maintaining good oral health. Dr. Kramer may recommend it to avoid common complications, including impaction, damage to adjacent teeth, cavities, gum disease, cysts and painful abscesses. Sedation is always available to ensure your comfort.

When you visit Dr. Mark Kramer for your cosmetic smile needs, you’re choosing a provider who will give you:

  • One-on-One Undivided Attention
  • Personally Returned Calls
  • Over 30 Years of Cosmetic Experience

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