Tustin, CA Clear Braces for Adults

If having clear braces is the only way you are going to consider straightening your smile – we have good news! Our Tustin cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mark Kramer offers clear braces for adults of all ages.

Why Straighten Your Smile?

While most patients are interested in a straighter, more attractive smile, the benefits of braces aren't limited to aesthetics. When your smile is crooked and crowded, it's harder to keep teeth brushed and clean. Cavities and gum disease can often plague patients whose smiles are misaligned. Protruding teeth are also more susceptible to injury, not to mention the premature wear that a crooked bite can cause.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Aesthetics is one of the biggest reasons our Tustin, CA adult patients choose clear braces. Depending on the type of adult braces that you choose, our clear orthodontics give you benefits like:

  • Invisible braces that no one can see
  • Removable aligners that are easy to care for
  • Freedom to eat whatever you want
  • Results similar to traditional braces
  • Braces hidden on the back of your teeth

The type of clear braces that you choose will depend on how crooked, gapped or crowded your teeth are. It will also depend on what you want from your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Kramer will review all of your options with you to help you make an educated choice about the right braces for your smile. Some of our choices include Invisalign, Powerprox and Clear Correct style braces.Schedule your free exam with us today. Financing is available.

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