dental fillings

White Fillings Offer a Less Invasive Alternative

If you're tired of having unsightly metal fillings, or need to have a few cavities filled – our composite dental fillings are an excellent choice for a healthy, beautiful smile. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, our white fillings:

  • Match your teeth
  • Are smaller than metal fillings
  • Adhere directly to your tooth
  • Can be used anywhere in your mouth
  • Look invisible
  • Do not contain mercury

Composite fillings are safer for your health and are overall better for your teeth. Mercury, contained in small amounts by silver fillings, can leach into the soft tissues of your mouth over time. Additionally, silver fillings expand over time, which can compromise the structure of your tooth. When it comes to your oral health, opt for the restoration that's best for your oral health.

Your new fillings will match your natural tooth enamel – making them blend right in with your entire tooth. Not only that, but we can match your crowns, veneers and bonding to your new fillings as well – giving you smooth overall results. Composite materials come in a wide range of colors, and can be matched to anyone's smile!

Do You Have A Cavity?

If you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, a rough tooth edge that you can feel with your tongue, or pain when you bite, give us a call! Orange County cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kramer, prefers to use composite fillings to treat tooth decay at as early a stage as possible. This limits the invasive treatment that you need over time, keeping treatments less complex and more affordable.

Do people notice your smile for all the wrong reasons? Do you cover your smile or rein in your laugh because someone might notice the unsightly flash of silver, metal fillings in your teeth? It's time to replace those old, dark metal fillings. Enjoy a new reason to smile without having to hold back. Ask Dr. Mark Kramer about our white filling options today!