Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Kramer Should Straighten Your Teeth

  1. FAST / USUALLY SIX MONTHS Every case is different. Some can be done in 3 to 4 months. We see amazing changes from month-to-month.
  2. OUTSTANDING RESULTS BEFORE-AND-AFTER See our actual patients (not purchased photos like on many sites) showing before-and-after photos demonstrating amazing LIFE-CHANGING results.
  3. BARELY NOTICEABLE / CLEAR BRACKETS & ELASTIC TIES We never use those silver color metal brackets so it is very cosmetic.
  4. LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Bring any written quote or ad for the same treatment from within the last six months and we will beat it!
  5. INCLUDES RETAINERS Retainers are necessary after tooth movement. We include one set of retainers in our all-inclusive fee quote. Nothing hidden. Compare apples to apples.
  6. CLEAR ALIGNER OPTION If you insist against our preferred wire and brackets treatment, removable aligners like Invisalign are also available.
  7. GENTLE PRESSURE In the past braces hurt a lot whenever they were tightened. No more. Not how we do it. Now just light constant pressure for faster results.
  8. WEEKEND HOURS / NO WORK MISSED Treatments are done on Saturdays, so typically no missed work time.
  9. PERSONAL SERVICE / DR. KRAMER ONLY You will not see a different dentist every visit like in most offices. Dr. Kramer is responsible for all your dental care.
  10. THE RIGHT SYSTEM FOR YOU — POWERPROX, FAST BRACES, SIX MONTHS SMILES I've been trained on and use different orthodontic systems based on YOUR individual situation.

Do you think about straightening your teeth but hesitate on how they would look? You may be the ideal candidate for clear braces!