Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Mark Kramer, DDS

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If your smile is in need of multiple procedures or extensive treatments, a full mouth reconstruction can significantly improve your dental experience. Mark Kramer, DDS, is a highly-skilled dentist offering full mouth reconstructions in Tustin, California. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Dr. Mark Kramer, DDS by calling the office or booking online.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a unique approach to restorative dentistry. Rather than treating oral health concerns one-by-one, Dr. Kramer uses a full mouth reconstruction to combine multiple treatments and redesign the architecture of your mouth from the ground up. 

Full mouth reconstructions are an excellent solution if you have:

  • Bite problems
  • Multiple damaged teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Advanced gum disease threatening the loss of teeth

With a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Kramer can significantly improve the functionality of your mouth and enhance your overall quality of life.

Dr. Kramer is skilled in administering full mouth reconstructions. The procedure is actually what inspired him to become a dentist in the first place.

After his mother was rear-ended in a taxi accident, she restored her oral health and aesthetics with a full mouth reconstruction. Seeing her transformation made Dr. Kramer realize that a career as a dentist was his future.

Why should I get a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction enables Dr. Kramer to take a proactive and all-encompassing approach to your oral health care. This ultimately results in more effective outcomes.

And by combining multiple procedures and administering them in fewer appointments, a full mouth reconstruction also streamlines the process of restoring your oral health.

This means that you’ll spend less time going back and forth to different dental appointments, which ultimately saves you money, as well.

What is involved in getting a full mouth reconstruction?

When you come in for a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Kramer first performs an extensive examination to identify any oral health concerns. In addition to a visual assessment, the diagnostic portion of your full mouth reconstruction might also entail a CT scan with cone beam technology. 

Once he knows the areas of your mouth that need to be improved, Dr. Kramer designs an extensive treatment plan to address those concerns and enhance your oral health. Your treatment plan is unique to your mouth, and might include any of the following treatments:

  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Extractions
  • Dentures

After he’s devised your treatment plan, Dr. Kramer implements your treatments. The end result is a healthier mouth that looks better and functions more effectively. 

Call the office or book a visit online to schedule a consultation for your full mouth reconstruction today.