Ultimate Tooth Whitening

Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Kramer Should Brighten Your Teeth


What does your smile say about you? Passing years, foods that you enjoy, and lifestyle choices, like tobacco usage, can affect the appearance of your smile, causing unsightly stains that age and detract from your appearance. Restoring your youthful, healthy appearance is simple, with Dr. Kramer and professional teeth whitening. Enjoy results far superior to what a store-bought brightening kit can offer.

1. BEST RESULTS Not just predictable but effective. The lightest light possible.

2. NO SENSITIVITY Believe it or not, tooth whitening can cause a lot of pain. No more sitting under a useless bleaching light. Not with this system.

3. PREDICTABLE Most whitening products give poor results. This works on all tooth shades of yellow, brown, gray.

4. LIFETIME WHITE This process can maintain a lifetime brightness using optional follow-up care.

5. FREE CONSULTATION I will inform you at no charge what compromises you may have. Dental fillings or crowns will not change shade. I can identify these for you so you have no surprises.

6. SAFE FOR TEETH Does no damage to the enamel and therefore no harm to your teeth whatsoever.

7. AN ENTIRE WHITENING SYSTEM This is a planned process step-by-step based on YOUR individual situation.

8. PRECISE TRAYS These whitening trays are so precise no leakage will occur. No more swallowing whitening solution while you sleep.

9. WORKS ON TETRACYCLINE STAINS This is the only system that I’ve ever seen that can effectively lighten badly tetracycline stained teeth.

10. MOST RESEARCHED PRODUCT ON THE MARKET No whitening system has been this researched and has solved all whitening issues.

Are you or a loved one suffering from pain, discomfort and crowding of wisdom teeth?