Top 10 Reasons Why Dr. Kramer Should Provide Your Implant Care

  1. NO PAIN It won't hurt. I promise no narcotics needed at all!
  2. LOWEST GUARANTEED PRICE Bring any written quote or ad for the same treatment from within the last six months and we will beat it!
  3. 99% SUCCESS RATE — LIFETIME GUARANTEE We are so successful that we have a lifetime guarantee on both the implant and the restoration. We are not afraid to stand behind our work.
  4. EXPERIENCE OF 30 YEARS Over 30 years both placing & restoring implants. I've seen all possible scenarios and do it correctly. Hundreds of hours of training, not just a weekend mini course graduate.
  5. EDUCATION Trained at and graduated from the renowned Misch International Implant Institute program.
  6. FELLOW OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY Recognized for documented implant proficiency by the International Congress of Oral Implantology.
  7. TOP QUALITY BRAND IMPLANTS USED / MADE IN THE U.S.A. Not cheap foreign knockoffs by companies that will not support their inferior products or even be in business soon. Know what is the implant company track record of success. Know what is being used in your mouth!
  8. SAFETY AND PREDICTABILITY I will tell you before we start, when and how everything will end up (and without any incident).
  9. WEEKEND HOURS / NO WORK MISSED Treatments are done on Saturdays, so typically no missed work time.
  10. CONVENIENCE / ALL WORK DONE HERE Everything is done in our office, both placement and restoration of implants.

Do you need dentures but prefer a less bulky and more natural option? Implant dentures may be the answer.