Tustin Gentle Tooth Removal

Sometimes our natural teeth are beyond restoring. It may be beneficial to extract these teeth in order to replace them with dental implants or a porcelain bridge. Teeth that need to be extracted often include those impacted by:

  • Severe Cavities
  • Large Fractures
  • Broken Roots
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Pain

Once your diseased or non-restorable teeth have been removed, Dr. Kramer will help you replace them with beautiful new ones! Elective dental extractions can make treatments like full mouth rehabilitation more successful for your smile – especially when it comes to preventing disease from spreading to neighboring teeth.

Keeping You Comfortable

If having a tooth pulled makes you nervous – that's ok. You're not alone! In fact, we offer convenient sedation dentistry options at our Tustin, CA office for people just like you. That way you can have all of your treatments done at one time and feel as if you napped right through the entire thing.

Because most of our Tustin cosmetic treatments are offered on Saturday – you won't have to miss any work from your dental extraction! In fact, most of our patients return to work or normal activities by the next Monday. Call our Tustin, CA sedation dentist to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Want to straighten your teeth but afraid it will take too long? We have a solution: Adult Braces!